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The Social Enterprise Program is a unique offering for tertiary students in Australia. Students are provided opportunities in a practical setting that support their theoretical teachings at university. No other program in Australia provides participants with a risk-free opportunity to run their own business whilst being mentored by an industry professional. The Program helps students stand out from the crowd when applying for internships and graduate jobs, by demonstrating practical experience, a commitment to development, an awareness of the community and an exposure to the industry.

  • The highlight of the Program was working one-on-one with the my Mentor… I learnt how to sell my ideas and the importance of understanding your client’s needs.

    Ella Gorringe

    Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Communications & Media

  • I thought I needed to get some practical and corporate experience…this was perfect. We got to meet with ASX200 companies and pitch our ideas…which was priceless.

    Henry Gillett

    Bachelor of Commerce, Economics & Finance

  • I wanted to put my skills into use in the community, whilst furthering my career. I learnt soft skills for business…what to do in a business meeting, how to present your ideas, how to execute a deal. It was invaluable.

    Nick Todd

    Bachelor of Commerce, Economics & Finance

  • I see myself one day being an entrepreneur, and this was a great way to see if I had what it takes, without any risk.

    Ben Leach

    Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting & Finance

  • Our Mentor supported our ideas and connected us where possible, but most importantly empowered us to back ourselves and our skills

    James Locke

    Bachelor of Law & Bachelor of Commerce, Finance

  • I’m only in my first year, but I now feel like I have a head start on my business career because I participated in the Program.

    Ella Gorringe

    Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Communications & Media

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